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Primrose is my pretty new font! 
Includes five flower doodles from my Doodles Font.
Hope ya like it!
Available for download here, in FontSpace and soon in Dafont.


I've been getting a whole lot more fan mails... So here's the replies to them!


Well, you see, I couldn't scan the template yet, so I created a new font... So ya wouldn't get bored :)))

But it unfortunately failed... The lines were so thin, that you can barely see the dot underneath the question mark and the exclamation point...
It is also kinda morphed, and it's cool on how the lowercase letter "L" is gradient XD

Still want to download it? SURE!

Starlight Font
File Size: 15 kb
File Type: ttf
Download File

Hope you still enjoy it... LOVE YOU GUYS! ^_^

Hey everyone! I am working on a font with my REAL handwriting.

Actually, I fill up the templates online using a photo editor, but right now... I printed it out and wrote on it myself!

I wonder how is it gonna turn out...

BTW, any font name suggestions?


My mailbox was pretty much full today, and I'll be answering a few messages. :)))