Papa's Cupcakeria!

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Since no one sends me anything, I decided to delete the Contact Me page to make room for the Fun Page.
Hope this breaks no one's heart.


Were you ever curious on what do I do when I'm not making fonts?

Well, here's your answer!

Goodie! And to know what games I play, visit the Fun Page.
The game there changes every month so be sure to play it while its there.


My new font, Mary Kate 3D is exclusively available here... AND ONLY HERE!

No spreading please.




This is still not the one I promised, but I wanted to make a new one... just for fun :)

Now available for download in FontSpace and in here... (soon to be in


I've been getting a whole lot more fan mails... So here's the replies to them!


Logan Henderson


To prevent myself from boredom, I created a new font called... Tree Hugger! YAY!

It's not the real handwritten one that I promised, but it is waaaay better than Starlight.

Tree Hugger is now available for download in FontSpace and in here.