Yay! Dafont finally accepted Sugar Lemonade. It is now available for download... hihi...
Thanks! *u*


SugarLemonade and ProperPrincess may be available soon on Fontm.com
Download now!


Make way for the Princess of the Fonts,
Proper Princess is now available for download in FontSpace and here!
Hope you'll download this royal font! :)


It ain't a really nice day for me guys... Some people rated SugarLemonade 1 star only.
I know I should accept critics, but SugarLemonade is one of my quality HD fonts... and I really worked hard on that font.
Does it really look that ugly? :(
Kindly consider the feelings of the author first, before rating a font. Try out the font first! Don't judge a font by its "cover"...

Hoping for a star increase
Sakura x...


Thank you sooooo much for supporting my fonts...
I now have...
Thanks everyone!

Sakura x


Hey peeps!
I (finally) have a new font available now.
I'm super sorry if it has been ages since I posted a new font. Too busy with school stuff...
Anywayz, Sugar Lemonade is now available for download here in my website and in Fontspace
It will also be available for download soon in Dafont.com
Happy Summer!