Did you know that I'm a Rusher too?
Yes I am! And I got fresh news from BTR saying that their new album, 24/Seven will be released on June 11.
Track Listing:
1. “24/seven”
2. “Like Nobody’s Around”
3. “Get Up”
4. “Song For You feat. Karmin”
5. “Run Wild”
6. “Crazy For U”
7. “Picture This”
8. “Confetti Falling”
9. “Amazing”
10. “We Are”
11. “Love Me Again”
12. “Just Getting Started”
13. “Untouchable”
14. “Lost in Love featuring Jake Miller”
15. “Na Na Na”


OMIGHAD! Thank you so much everyone! This is a great BLAST for my graphic designing career. My downloads in dafont have over 6000 downloads and Fontspace downloads are also a big BANG!
Thank you so much guys!

Lots of love,


Hi everyone! I'm running out of new ideas... Could you send me a cute, but quick idea by sending me a message in the Contact Me page or in my email address, fluffybanana101.sakura@gmail.com.
Thank you soooo much!


Fall in love in my new font, Love Struck! Available for download in FontSpace and here!


Doodles, Study Notes and Cream Donut might be available for download at...
I just need to get an approval, and all the rest of you can download it from there! :)))



Thanks for supporting my fonts... Now, I have over 6000 downloads! 
I will be posting a Celebration font tomorrow. Watch out! :)))

Lots of love,
Sakura >3<


Thank you so much guys! Downloads in FontSpace and in daFont have been so successful.
I will be posting a celebration font sometime this week...


I'm really sad about this...
I need at least 2 and a half stars to keep making new fonts... Please rate!


Doodles is now available on Dafont.com
BTW, I have heard that some people have been referring my fonts. Thank wooo! -)))-


~Hi Yukiko! Thanks for sending me a message. Thank you so much for downloading and supporting my fonts. 
Did you know that you can make fonts too?
To make a simple, just-for-fun font, follow these suggestions:
   1.) Go to www.myscriptfont.com
   2.) Download their template, print it, write on it, scan it and upload it back to their site. They have specific instructions there.
   3.) If you don't want to print it and scan it, you may convert it to a JPEG file ('Cause what you get there is a PDF file...) BTW, this is the method that I use.
   4.) Once you have converted it, go to www.picmonkey.com and you may write down your font there using their Draw tool in the Effects tab.
   5.) If you are happy with your font, you can upload it back to My Script Font.com
   6.) Once you've uploaded it, you may download the font! And you can now use it.
   7.) TADA! You're a font designer.

I would love to see the font that you will make! You may send it to me through Email at fluffybanana101.sakura@gmail.com
If you have any more questions, you may ask me through my Email address too! Don't worry about your Email address, I won't "post" it around.
I wish you the best and I'm looking forward to a new font